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Padiham Green

We've been working with pupils from Padiham Green Primary School over the last few months, and today was our final session in class.

Artist Cath Ford has facilitated sessions with the young people, teaching art skills and enabling the class to try new techniques and gain confidence in making art.

We started the session by learning some new art techniques, and then each pupil designed their own lettering.

One of the new art words the class learned was 'contrapposto' - with one of the pupils demonstrating the posture before we all had a go!

The class were very dubious about the positioning of eyes on faces - but by the end of the session everyone had a good go at drawing either a self portrait or a picture of a classmate. In this photo, Cath was explaining the positioning of ears!

The work created will be scanned and returned to school, so the pupils can keep their work in the 'art journals' they each made, for future reference.

We will used the scanned images as part of a animated film about Rachel Kay-Shuttleworth, being developed for and commissioned by Community Rail Lancashire.

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