We create documentary, animated, promotional and educational films with some examples below.

 We make films that advocate...
Promotional film for charity Canal & River Trust, advocating for the benefits of spending time by water.
Created for LOVEmyBeach, our film shows the impact of getting active and connecting with nature.
 We make films that celebrate events...
Joyful community festival in Waterfoot, Lancashire.
Showcasing highlights from the first British Textile Biennial, which celebrated and explored textiles.
 We make films that help people talk about difficult things...
One of a series of short animations for domestic abuse charity SafeNet, including interviews with clients.
A film about end of life care, to inform patients and families about some of the options available to them.
 We make films that showcase and promote...
Behind the scenes film with a jewellery designer showcasing software and 3D printing techniques in his craft.
Promotional film highlighting the offer in Blackburn town centre.
 We make films with artists...
Turner Prize winning artist Lubaina Himid talks about her exhibition at Gawthorpe Hall as part of the 2021 British Textile Biennial.
Brigid McLeer shares her process and concepts for the moving work exhibited at Queen Street Mill.
 We make films that educate and inform...
Animated film about the variety of ways textiles are threaded through our lives, and some of the associated job opportunities.
Teaser film to promote a series of education resources to tie
in with Shakespeare's plays, filmed at Turton Tower.
 We make films that motivate...
Virtual walking film encouraging people to explore by rail.
Short film encouraging people to use their bikes and visit the waterways.
 We make films that bring history to life...
Animated short film about Lancashire mill girl turned author and poet, Ethel Carnie Holdsworth.
 We make films that make a difference...
Teaser for a series of educational films about life in Egyptian times, created as school resources with Blackburn Museum.
Animated film for charity Every Action Has Consequences, sharing the true story of a young man's tragic death, and the impact it had on his family.
Advocacy film for people with Long Covid, made in the summer of 2020. This film was referenced by Dr Tedros from the World Health Organisation in a talk he gave about Long Covid.
 We make films that give people a voice...
Part of the North West's cultural legacy from the 2012 Olympics, our film gives young people space to talk about what they love in a dynamic live action and animated mix.
Exploring stigma and barriers to education with young people
and their mums from the Gypsy and Traveller community.