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Updated: Nov 4, 2021

A group of pupils from St John's Catholic Primary School in Burscough took part in an adventure exploring their local area, as part of events for 'Community Rail Week'.

There's lots of smiles in the first half of the day, but we all got pretty soggy (including our kit!) when the rain came to join us later in the day! We joined the class to document and film their day for Community Rail Lancashire. We all walked from school to Burscough Junction Railway station, where the school have adopted the disused platform. They were presented with an award to recognise their achievements, before we jumped on the train to Rufford.

After a game of eye sky on the journey, we waved the train off, then set off on a guided walk along a section of canal.

The group did brilliantly, spotting wildlife and learning more about the area - and did especially well considering how much the rain poured down on us. We made it about 2 miles on our route then did have to call for reinforcements and get picked up to be taken back to school as it was very, very heavy rain!

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